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. . . reduce our tax burden by allowing me to make decisions that impacted our tax situation "before" the end of the fiscal year.

Cathy has a unique ability to translate the IRS "legalese" into normal conversational language thereby ensuring that the information I provide is in full compliance with the applicable regulations.

We couldn't be more pleased with Cathy's services and I give her my highest recommendation.
Rory Briski, Ph.D.
Briski Consulting LLC

I appreciate all she has done for me and I highly recommend her. I initially consulted her due to an IRS notice that I could not seem to get corrected on my own. Although they wanted to assess additional tax to me, Cathy knew that the IRS was wrong, and continued to respond to their notices until the issue was corrected and my taxes reduced.
Laura M.

We have some completed tax issues as we have three related party entities with various owners. Cathy has a very good understanding of those entities as we have changed and grown. Cathy is responsive and we know we can count on her throughput the year for consolation for any of our tax and accounting needs. We would definitely recommend her.
Mihai Szabo
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